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Federal and state crime statistics revealed that  the recidivism rate for incarcerated youth and adults in the United States have more than doubled within the past ten years. Lack of various basic life skills, education, and conflict resolution techniques have greatly attributed to this increase.

Split 2nd is committed in reducing these statistics through volunteering twice a month at the local detention center,  and providing mentors and job placement advice and assistance.


Additionally, Split 2nd provides the following interactive workshops which equips each participant with the necessary knowledge and training to be successful while incarcerated, and upon their departure:

1.     10 Commandments for Prison Survival
2.     Recognizing and Avoiding Dangerous Conflicts
3.     Goal Setting (short range vs. long range)
4.     Successful Interview Etiquette Techniques
5.     Job Application and Resume Tips
6.     Various Ways of Communication
7.     Public Speaking
8.     Influences (knowing the difference between good and bad)
9.     The Three Types of  Boundaries
10.   The Three Levels of Respect
11.   Bullying
12.   How to Resist Negative Peer Pressure
​13.   How to Make a Positive Impact While Incarcerate


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