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This is a well written motivational book for people of all ages. The book walks you through the ups and the slide into the least likely place for Anthony Bryant. This book takes you into his mind and shows you how to come back from the lows in life. This is a modern day story of Joseph as in the bible.

    KB SCarolina

Model Officer to Model Inmate
Authored by Anthony K Bryant


Anthony Bryant was a fun-loving, squeaky-clean kid who was determined to make a positive impact in his Savannah, Georgia community. Though born into poverty, he thrived under the positive influence of his compassionate mother, his hardworking father, his five best basketball buddies, and his Westlake Avenue subsidized apartments neighborhood.

With that solid support system, Anthony managed to escape the snares of drugs, underage drinking, and gangs. He grew up fast. Before his 20th birthday, he became a daddy, a husband, and an enlisted man serving as a communications expert in the US Army.

Six years later, he took a job as a Corrections Officer with the Chatham County Sheriff's Department, caring for inmates. Three years after that, he landed his "dream job"-and was sworn in as Officer Anthony Bryant with the Chatham County Police Department. He prided himself in keeping the streets safe however, within two years Officer Anthony Bryant found himself tangled in the web of an FBI sting. 

Busted with 11 other officers-Anthony went from cop to criminal and landed on the other side of the bars. Stripped of everything he cherished-Anthony hit rock bottom before surfacing 10 years later with a new understanding, a new hope, and a new mission for sharing the life-altering lessons he learned on both sides of the bars. 

A man of faith, Anthony attended Northwest Nazarene University majoring in  Family Ministry. Anthony speaks nationally on ethics, cop culture, and leadership to law enforcement agencies, universities, and corporations. Additionally, Anthony speaks at schools, youth events and parent groups on Making Right Choices and Split-Second Decisions that Alter the Course of Your life. 

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