Make The Right Choice

Split 2nd   Inc. is a organization focused on increasing awareness in making right choices and ethical behavior among youth, law enforcement, and every professional who functions in a position of trust. We offer youth awareness/empowerment workshops, mentor training, parent and family workshops, mentors to incarcerated youths and adults, in addition to ethics and responsibility training workshops for law enforcement, corrections & probation officers, as well as other professions.


What is Split 2nd?


To provide quality, interactive workshops that will educate and equip individuals with the necessary tools to make right choices, and become effective parents/guardians and mentors.


To prevent/reduce at risk behavior and unethical decision making, build strong, healthy parental/youth relationships, and positively impact the lives of others through mentoring.


  • Law Enforcement Training

  • Youth Awareness

  • Parent Education

Community Outreach


  • Juvenile/Prison

  • Shelter

Keynote Speaker at Annual Meeting & Awards Luncheon for Law Enforcement Officers